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“As founder of one of the largest pre-press companies in the world, I think I know a thing or two about the business.  Now that I'm involved with one of America's premiere packaging providers, I see the benefit of great pre-press from the printer's viewpoint as well. When we have a really critical color project, we still turn to the pros at Platinum. Frankly, I think they're the best color people in the country.

With desktop publishing putting the capability of doing some level of color correction, retouching and assembly within the hands of most users, it’s easy to forget the difference a true color craftsman can make.  But when you compare them side by side, WOW! It’s hard to believe just moving some dots around can make that big a difference.

As a packaging company investor and executive, I also appreciate the benefit of faster make-readies, lower costs and happier customers that comes from expertly prepared pre-press.

I don't want Kirk and the folks over there to get a big head, but if you get a chance to work with Platinum, go for it!  They are truly that good.”

Brian Mason
Founder, Laser Tech Color
CEO, Great Western Industries (an MPS Company)
Managing Director, Multi Packaging Solutions


"You can always count on Platinum for their quality and consistency. Kirk and his team are extremely professional and dedicated to providing the very finest customer service. They truly are the experts when it comes to color and production."

Creative Director
Stanley Korshak

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